MTM (Medication Therapy Management)

What is MTM?

Medication therapy management (MTM) is a personalized service designed to optimize drug utilization for individual patients. At Medication Counseling® pharmacists work directly with patients, their providers, and community pharmacists to ensure that the best medication treatment options are being explored while reducing the risk of adverse events and drug interactions. Our pharmacists will also look for opportunities to reduce the cost of medication treatment.

Our service extends to all patients in the Chicagoland area.  We can conduct the MTM session at home, office, or (in some cases) over the phone.  This service is covered by many insurance companies including some Medicare part D prescription drug plans.

Upon completion of the MTM session, patients will receive a Personal Medication Record (PMR) and a Medication-related Action Plan (MAP) to be shared with the patient’s health care team (physicians, pharmacists, nurses, etc.).

How Are MTM Services Different From Traditional Pharmacy Services?

Traditional pharmacy service refers to a set of services centered on dispensing prescriptions. In a dispensing environment, the pharmacist is focused on processing prescription orders with accurate and appropriate verification.   Pharmacists are required by law to provide all patients with the option to receive medication counseling at the time the prescription is handed over to the patient.  In a busy retail environment, this usually involves the pharmacist providing a hurried explanation of the major side-effects and a quick question-answer session.  In contrast, MTM services may not be required for all patients but will generally provide a more in-depth discussion of medication therapy. Furthermore, it must be clear that medication counseling and MTM are not equal. The Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA 1990) defines “medication counseling” as explaining “the purpose of a medication and its proper administration, including length of therapy, directions, storage, and refill instructions.” While pharmacists in a more traditional dispensing environment may also provide MTM services, the level of MTM services are very often influenced by the demands of dispensing, staffing levels, and other administrative functions.  Medication Counseling® provides the opportunity for patients to receive both counseling and MTM services through an advanced pharmacy provider. We see our patients on an appointment basis so we can focus 100% of our attention and treatment on our patients!