Opiate Addiction Treatment

About the Heron Treatment Program

The Heron Treatment Program is an integrated, physician-based treatment program that is designed to target the adverse changes in brain chemistry that occur with opiate addiction. Unlike traditional “drug rehab” or “detox,” Heron treatments are generally performed in an outpatient setting, followed by one month of prescription medications and nutritional supplements as well as ongoing professional counseling.The Heron Treatment Program includes:

  • The initial treatment involves prescription medication and nutritional supplements administered in a physician-supervised setting.
  • The patient then receives one month of prescription medications and nutritional supplements.
  • Professional counseling following the initial treatment typically includes individual therapy.

Heron Treatments Are Not for Everyone

Treatments with Heron are not appropriate for everyone. The Heron-treating physician must make the treatment decision for each individual patient regarding the appropriateness of using the Heron Treatment Program during detoxification or any other stage of recovery. Heron Treatments are not designed for use with those diagnosed with dependence to stimulants, benzodiazepines, or addictive substances other than opiates.

Heron Treatments may not be appropriate for use in all patients, and should not be used in women who are or who plan to be pregnant or nursing during the course of treatment. Heron Treatments are not designed for use in patients under the age of 18. Other prescribing restrictions may apply. For more information call 844-879-6337, or complete the contact form below for a Medication Counseling representative to contact you with more information.

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