Relief Pharmacist Services

Relief Pharmacist Coverage

When your pharmacy is short staffed & needs relief pharmacist coverage,
Are you not sure who to turn to for your needs to be taken care of quickly?
Are you tired of not knowing what kind of pharmacists to expect from a temp agency?
Is it costing you lots of time & management when agencies send you relief pharmacists who either don’t have the necessary experience, don’t get along with your patients/staff, make lots of errors, or try to do the minimum work possible?

Choose Medication Counseling®, temp division of MedCounsel Pharmacy Corp.

When you have a vacancy for a full-time pharmacist hire,

  • Is it costing you by not having a pharmacist to serve you regularly?
  • Are your patients experiencing inconsistent patient care, due to lack of continuity in your pharmacy staff?
  • If you are using a search firm currently, are you tired of firms sending you unqualified pharmacists (or no candidates) and wasting your time?

Temp Pharmacist Coverage Overview

The relief pharmacists we send are carefully screened, including with oral clinical questions, so your patients have access to the best pharmacy care. Choose from pharmacists who have retail, hospital, and long-term care experience. We don’t just send you a warm body. We are committed to exceed your expectations. Recently, one of our contract pharmacists won an employee service award while working through us-WOW!

We send you relief pharmacists who can jump in on day 1 to help with very little supervision, and require little management. Why struggle and take time to find temp coverage for your unexpected needs on your own? We have experienced pharmacists ready to go.

Call 844-879-6337 to request relief pharmacist coverage. Our pharmacists are prepared with documentation of the following screenings:

OIG/GSA Exclusion List Review

We check the Office of Inspector General (OIG) List of Excluded Individuals (LEIE) and Government Services Administration (GSA) Excluded Parties Lists System (EPLS) in order to confirm no employee or contracted individual is excluded from participation in federal programs.  Validations are completed pre-hire and monthly thereafter.

Training-FWA, Compliance, Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, HIPAA

Employees and contracted individuals must complete training on all areas of Compliance, such as Fraud, Waste and Abuse, Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, and regulatory requirements.  Frequency of the training must includes annual training for all employees and training for all new employees within 30 days of beginning employment.  All employees are educated and maintain training logs that include training type, method completed, vendor, documents utilized, and date and time.  Training includes validation by each individual that training was complete.