What countries produce quality medications?

Question: What countries produce quality medications?

Details: As a clinical pharmacist no one talks about medication safety. You can have the best treatment only to be ruined by having your medication being manufactured in countries which have no standards for GMP. India and China are countries that one should never take a medication from. I have seen too many cases where the patient got poor results until the country was switched. You can get generic atorvastatin in made in Ireland under the Greenstone label which is owned by Pfizer or by companies in India. Which would you choose?

Response: I do not have a particular preference between Greenstone and manufacturers in India.  I do believe that pharmacists have a responsibility to pay attention to manufacturer recalls and to patient feedback in order to dilute opinions into good judgement calls.  This could effect a number of choices including whether to dispense one generic brand over another or to use a commercially available product or a locally compounded product.

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